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What is a Micro Wedding?

I am receiving some phone calls from sad brides to be that after postponing their wedding day they feel crushed to the idea to have to compromise the style and the overall feel of their dream wedding day.

So here I am to set the record straight.

Bad news first

Yes it is true: if you were going for a massive guest list kind of wedding you might need to re-thinking it, If you want to get married in the next year or less. In fact , I might be wrong but I do not see a fast return to pre-Covid life anytime soon and even if I am the first in line to miss kisses and hugs and good time among old and new friends, protocols and regulations for social distancing will hopefully relax in time but I have the feeling they will keep us company for a bit longer.

Less guests means less of a celebration?

Absolutely not! Actually, with less guests you will have the chance to redirect the budget and to splurge in services you might have to compromise for if you have 500 or more people at your wedding. You can now focus more on you and pamper the guests with amazing details. You can save money, of course, or decide to have a celebration of a lifetime your family and friends will talk about for years to come.

How to manage a reduced guests list

Some of my clients are simply afraid some friends or important acquittance will not take well the exclusion. You have to be firm and you have to be transparent. Nobody can say anything if with kind words you explain that for everybody safety and due to actual circumstances you decided to have a much smaller wedding day with only direct family members and closest friends. Take advantage on what technology is offering and you might add “ love doesn’t stop . You are important to us and we still want to share our day with you. Can we count on your support and love to participate remotely with our live-streaming wedding day event? It will mean the world to us” Boom! How people can be upset at you? You are being conscious and sensitive to everybody safety and you are following protocols while trying your best to be inclusive.

So just to be clear: Micro Weddings can be smaller , much affordable, gathering or a tiny guest list celebration with huge personality , elegance and glamour. Once again is all up to you.

If you are looking for an amazing micro wedding I will be honored to help you design a unique celebration for you and your family. Feel free to book your complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together at your amazing day HERE. Are you considering a posh destination wedding in Riviera Maya or Caribbean? Visit our sister web site HERE.

And remember while size in this case doesn't really matter #life_is_too_Short_For_Average

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