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Quick Wedding Planning Tips

Updated: May 2, 2020

Here are quick and easy tips to keep in considerations during your wedding planning process.

The Venue

Please make sure the venue will be the right size for your guest number. Say you’re considering a venue that can seat 300 but you have 100 guests. Initially, that venue may look impressive on the big day, but after an hour, the place will feel empty or you will have to spend more than necessary to decorate it. Don't cram your guests into a space that's too small either, but don't put too few people in a venue that’s too big.

Your Tables

Guests will spend a nice portion of your celebration seated at the table. Pay extra attention to the choice of your linens, their texture, table set up, and centerpieces. Every item can be used as a decorative element like for example a napkin folded in an original way or a menu with a thank you note form the bride and groom. Be creative and think out of the box.

Your Seating Chart

Oh yes you do need one even if you are planning a wedding for 30 guests. Let me explain: Nobody likes to sit right next to someone at the movies, so they leave an empty seat. Say you have a table of eight and the first couple sits down. The second couple sits and inevitably leaves an empty seat, as does the third couple, which makes it awkward for the remaining guests, who are now separated. Plus try to match people more or less in the same age group. Do not place your grandparents next to the DJ speakers and if you have guests in a wheelchair make sure they have easy access.

Your music

Make sure that your DJ and or musicians will be at the venue and set up with plenty of time to spare. Before booking them ask them if they travel with extra mic, cables, equipment, etc. You don’t want to find out 15 minutes beforehand that a speaker or microphone doesn’t work. You want to have time for your vendors to fix any problems. Also they should go check the venue before your wedding day to check loading situation, logistics, power source, etc.

Your Photographer

It is paramount for you to feel comfortable with your photographer, keeping in mind that they will effectively be directing you and your wedding party from one photo op to another. Have very specific timelines set up along with your shot list so there's a clear understating of how long your pictures are going to take. Make sure you tell them that family and friends traveled near and far to witness your I Do and them covering the view to parents and grandparents while exchanging rings in not an option ( you want ninja photographer, not prima donna ones)

Your Videographer

Once upon a time videographers filmed every wedding detail, resulting in a three-hour film no one watched. Welcome to a new era! Short edited highlights that last anywhere from five to 10 minutes. Rather than documenting the day, these are meant to capture people in the moment. As with your photographer, make sure you're comfortable with the camera person.

Your Florist

A lot of florists do so much more than just flowers. Do make sure if they are handling decor, that they’ll be handling the setting up and the taking down. Understand what is rental and what you can donate to your guests or keep at the end of the evening. In that case you will be responsible to remove and bring home the decor so have a designated person that can do that for you.

Your Cake

If you are on the budget or if a designer cake is not your focus plan to have a small cake for you to cut and have a delicious sheet cake or cupcakes to serve your guests.

Remember that to host a successful celebration it takes a village of well-orchestrated professionals. Thankfully you are not alone. For stress-free stylish celebration you can count on us and our 20 years experience in the industry. Contact us HERE we will love to hear from you

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