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Music for your wedding

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

So you have all your vendors, your venue, dress, shoes, accessories.... You just start to relax thinking you are doing soooo good with all your wedding planning when your DJ calls you and ask you which songs you would like for your ceremony , grand entrance, your first dance and for the daughter-dad dance and you go blanc .


Chillax ! Your DJ and your planner can suggest you songs but once again it is important that you and your fiancee' sit down and do your diligent research and find together the music and songs that are important to you, the one that speak to you and better represent you.

In my experience we had people walking down the aisle with Canon in D but also with Star Wars theme song . We had harpist play Mission Impossible song and violinist play cartoons sound tracks.There is not right or wrong just try to stay consistent on the overall wedding style and with who you are.

A very good start point is checking this web site

At Los Angeles Exclusive Weddings we receive their newsletter once a month with the new release and it is just fun browsing their site and their blog to see what is in, and the latest trends.

One final note: yes it is your wedding and it is your party however if you are into hip-hop or rap try to find a "clean "version of the songs you like and try to be respectful of your guests as well.

Remember it is a celebration. So have fun in the process .

Happy dancing!

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