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Did you postpone your wedding due to Covid-19? You are not alone!

Did you decide to postpone? Did you opt for a "sequel wedding" ( elopement or tiny ceremony that will be follow by a celebration party later on, when it will be possible )?

Well , you are not alone!

Here is a list of celebrities that decided to hold on and wait a bit longer hoping Coronavirus will be over soon.

This year was quite challenging. We are used to have the solution to our brides every needs. Any questions one of our brides ever had if we did not have an immediate answer we knew who to ask for to have a professional answer and a solution.

Our hearts ache every time our brides ask "When this pandemic will end?"

We really hope very soon because, of course we want to go back to celebrate but most importantly we want to make sure all our family members and important people in our life will be there with us when that day will come.

Love doesn't stop. Never! But in this case love means to be patient a big longer. Look brightly ahead to your projects. Continue to plan your special day and be open to explore some options. Your professional wedding designer and/or planner is your best source of reliable information. He/she is "team bride & groom forever" so do not be afraid to talk to him/she about options or new trends and creative solutions to your situation.

So, did you have to postpone? Share with us your feelings and your plans.

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