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Wedding Day Emergency Kit or -like I say- the Mary Poppins 'bag for the day of

Here are few of my must have items for your wedding day. If you have a good planner or day of coordinator there is a good chance she/he will cover all or most of these . If you are "flying solo" , have a nice canvas tote to hang on the back knob of your bedroom door a couple of months before your wedding day and start to collect and prepare items .

Hopefully your venue will have a room for you with a mirror and enough light to get ready and relax no needs to actually move half of your home there (hihihi....)

But this is what to toss in your tote and bring with you on your very special day.

-Aspirin or Ibuprofen ( for you or bridal never know )

-Antacid tablets


_Baby power ( from absorbing sweat to r keeping beaded bodices from scratching or chafing the bride's underarms.)

-Bobby pins ( if you need to pin your veil or keep the flower girl crown in place)

-Bottle of water ( yes your venue will provide beverages but if you need it NOW ,you have it)

- Breath mints and mouthwash

-Tape (you can fix the world with tape)

-Cash ( drinks, tips,etc)

-Cell charger

- Clean white cloth or small towel ( for dabbing stain from dress )

-Clear band aids ( for cuts or shoe protection

-Clear nail polish ( in case of a run in stockings)

-Pins ( for corsages and boutonnieres

- Crackers or protein bars


-Hand Sanitizer

-Extra Stockings

-extra socks ( for groom or groomsmen)

-Facial tissue

-Hair spray

-Hot glue gun & Sticks ( broken hills, decoration ets)

-Nail polish to match your manicure in case of touch up)

-Nail file

- Rubber bands

_Sanitary Napkins/tampons

-Sewing kit

- Safety pins

_ Scissors ( indispensable for billions of motives)

-Spot remover

-Toothbrush & Toothpaste


-White chalk ( for concealing dirt smudges)

-Pens ( to write a last minute card, a check, sign official papers etc)

In addition to all this remember your make-up bag, your passports and travel itenary ( if you are leaving for honeymoon right after your reception ) ,your wedding timeline , contact informations for all your vendors with copy of their contacts and of course your credit cards.

Did I left out anything? What will be the first thing you will toss into your tote?

Share your ideas with us


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