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Wednesday Confessions #3 - Stop thinking you are a wonder woman bride!!!

Been there done that! That is why I am telling you not to try this at all.

When long long time ago we decided to get married I was already a planner and it came natural to say that I could plan my own wedding. After it was a small destination wedding with.....people coming from all over the world. Of course I could handle any aspect of the planning and walk down the aisle like a princess! Right? OH SO WRONG!!!!

There are different situations that push a bride to think she can do all by herself: the overachiever, the one with "Martha Steward syndrome" , the you-tuber expert , the shy one that dare to ask., the DIY maniac........

Yes, there are also the one that think that adding an expert wedding planner to the budget is an avoidable surplus. This could not be more incorrect.. A good wedding planner is worth his/her weight in gold and even if you are running on a small budget a consultation with a pro to put you on the right path

is worth every penny.

But let's go back to the reason why I decided to blog about this today.

Let me be perfectly clear.: I do love me DIY brides. I think that adding a personal touch to your own wedding day is what make it special and if you have TIME and above all the SKILL to do your projects and realize your ideas you should definitely go for it.. But.....

On Wednesday I was called to assist a couple that wanted to get married on the beach in Santa Monica California. They just want a nice ceremony, nothing else.( well that is what they told me) The set up was simple but lovely with a 4 posts arch with flowing fabric and a decorated aisle and a cute table for the sand ceremony.... originally it was a ceremony for 30 people A couple of days before the bride called to add few more chairs. Now her guests were 50 and she wanted to serve them cake on the beach but she decided to take care of all of that herself. We went over some details for the photographer the video production and the officiant. I asked her about the cake and she insisted that she was covered on the cake presentation and how to serve it etc.

To make a long story short: Somebody 20 min before the ceremony arrived to deliver food in ....boxes, the bride arrived late to her wedding because she went to pick up her cake and she arrived in her gorgeous gown caring a box with the cake. Her friends brought a folding table with no tablecloth and no cutting set. Hey , we managed because I always bring extra stuff with me but......Why you should put yourself in such distress?

If you can not afford a delivery fee for the cake why you do not ask a friend or a family member to help out?

Why You hire a planner and you do not disclose your plans?Probably you want to try to save a bit of money but let me tell you. that this is not the way. Full disclosure on what you can afford and what you are looking to have on your wedding day is the best policy for a successful celebration.

A professional wedding planner is the amazing person that is able to stretch your dollar power and will assist you so that you can be worry free the day of your wedding. Too bad there are still people that do not know how to benefit from the resources at their fingertips.

Most of the time is not even a money issue! It is difficulty to realize that it is ok to ask for help or to delegate others to do things for us..

Your wedding day is a very, very, special day where your only task should be to enjoy the moment and celebrate with loved ones while your vendors will carrying out your vision and plans for you..

It is an emotional and joyful milestone full of love where you should feel pampered and where you should not be feel obliged to display your Wonder Woman skills..

Did you have a similar experience? Do you feel you can do everything by yourself?

Share your experience with us .

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