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Wednesday Confessions #2

Why people do not understand the concept of UNPLUG ceremonies????

Happy May!

It feels like yesterday but it is already almost 18 years since planning my first wedding and....boy oh boy! I had the chance to witness quite few things.

I feel blessed. I had and have the chance to help very nice couples in love to celebrate in style one of the best day of their life. I just adore my job but....

but this doesn't mean I did not have my share of little ( or big) episodes that made my nose curl up or my

Italian blood boil. Mind you: I am my own version of a zen-ninja / duck with the perfect hostess smile.

Basically if I have to translate that it means that

ZEN= I am always very calm with my clients even during 'crisis' and I promptly look for a solution without loosing myself in quick judgement or discussions.

NINJA= at the eyes of my clients everything has to look easy , smooth and flawless... if I have to be a warrior with other vendors and with my team and fight for details and element that are important to the result of the event or for my clients so be it . My clients do not have to witness this process.

DUCK= be cool on the surface while underwater you are paddling like crazy.

However..... I am human and sometimes you can not really help it.

From now on every Wednesday I will share with you one thing that made me loose it a bit or...a lot.

"Please Switch off your cell" it is not impossible!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, we can not leave more than 30 sec. away from our cell phone.

We are so incredible social that we need to take a pic and post about our lunch, our coffee at Starbucks,and any little thing that happen to us any second of our day.

Of course if we think that the world will stop to spin if we do not check Kim Kardashian's last pose on Instagram or Trump last Tweet it is very difficult to comprehend why somebody will ask me to just pay attention, be present, switch off my cell and enjoy a friend or family member to exchange their wedding vows.

Also, why oh why ,you should not be in front of professional photographers and videographers ( highly paid by bride and groom ) to catch your family member or frriend's event of a Lifetime on your cell?

After all the video could go viral. After all you will share the pic with the bride and groom eventually.

Well.... This is something I find very disrespectful! The fact that you can not put away your cell for 20/30 min. to really listen and be a testimony of the huge step the couple is making. to me is like saying that Kim Kardashian's butt ( with all the respect for Kim and her lovely curves) is more important than a ceremony that will bond 2 people in love for the rest of their life.

Please be nice and be polite and if the couple request to PLEASE switch off your cell for few minutes...just do it.! I promise that all your notifications will still be there

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