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Wednesday Confessions

-Things that made my Italian Wedding and Event Planner blood boil.... a little-

Hey Guys!

It feels like yesterday but it is already almost 18 years since planning my first wedding and....boy oh boy! I had the chance to witness quite few things.

I feel blessed. I had and have the chance to help very nice couples in love to celebrate in style one of the best day of their life. I just adore my job but....

but this doesn't mean I did not have my share of little ( or big) episodes that made my nose curl up or my

Italian blood boil. Mind you: I am my own version of a zen-ninja / duck with the perfect hostess smile.

Basically if I have to translate that it means that

ZEN= I am always very calm with my clients even during 'crisis' and I promptly look for a solution without loosing myself in quick judgement or discussions.

NINJA= at the eyes of my clients everything has to look easy , smooth and flawless... if I have to be a warrior with other vendors and with my team and fight for details and element that are important to the result of the event or for my clients so be it . My clients do not have to witness this process.

DUCK= be cool on the surface while underwater you are paddling like crazy.

However..... I am human and sometimes you can not really help it.

From now on every Wednesday I will share with you one thing that made me loose it a bit or...a lot.

When the Wedding Singer Shares WAAAAY Too Much

Sorry guys I can not say names! Let's say that our celebrity couple decided to have a famous singer to their wedding. Up to here nothing strange, right? What if I tell you that the famous female singer and the groom had a love story in the past? Still ok, right? After all the bride knew about it, it was in the past and now they were all friends .The couple decided together to invite the singer and to have her kindly perform at their wedding. Weellll what If I tell you that the singer did in fact sing her songs but not only those. She start sharing parts of her love story with the groom that nobody had any business to know and she kept going even when the big room full of smiles and festive joy till two second before went ice cold and guests start looking uneasy toward the bride while the groom was mortified.

Let me tell you that during the planning process I get to work closely with my couples. I care about them and I became very protective toward my love birds and their special day.

Honesty , and here come the confession, in a fraction of a second I calculated If I will do less damage by taking off my shoe and trow it to the singer hoping to get her on full face or if I could be fast enough to get to the stage and wrap her throat on the mic wire. That would have cost my career and more But potentially was quite worth it..... Thanks God for my zen side!

Instead I start talking over my walkie talkie in order to get the MC/Dj to take over. But I have to say that the bride was the HERO of the situation. She start to laugh, She looked at her husband with reassurance took his hand and started going around the room to great and meet her guests with such love, grace and elegance that all the guests felt reassured that whatever happened was a very childish and tasteless diva action by the singer.

I never listened to that singer songs on the same way after that. What a ....piece of work!!!

What about you? Did something similar happen to your wedding or to the wedding of a person you care? How would you react if something like that ever happen to you?

Share, share ,share.

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