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Wedding Budget pep talk

I do not know you but in my family is considerate not polite or elegant to engage in a conversation about money. Even when applying for a job the topic of compensation is for the most people very uncomfortable.

Isn't that foolish? After all you do not go very far without money. If than we are talking about wedding day celebrations..... well let's talk.

It happened to me that a young bride to be called in tears after reading The Knot annual report about an average wedding cost ( in 2017 was about $29,000).

I had to explain that that was just a number. For sure prince Harry of Wales' wedding will be way, way, WAYYY, above that number while some other lovely weddings will be way below that budget.

Some brides dreamed about their wedding day all their life others are happy to say their " I Do" sign the official papers and be done.

If there is something I learned over the years is that everybody is wonderfully unique with different stories and different likes. And yes , money can help you immensely when talking about choices and options but good taste and style is what you need the most at any given budget.

So before doing anything at all I suggest you to seat with your fiance' and talk about your expectations, likes ,dislikes and vision for your special day.

Next.....I know some of you will not like this but I will tell you anyway.

I know that some traditions, cultural background and religions influences are still strong however things changed over the years....

In today era if you decided to get married and start a new family it should mean that you are ready to take your responsibilities and pay your own bills. It is absolutely fantastic if your families decided to help you pay for your dream wedding day but it should not be taken for granted .

Be kind but also clear: who is paying for what?This is a conversation for you, your fiance' and eventually your family BEFORE contacting your venue or any vendors.

Be honest and realistic with the amount of money you are comfortable in investing on your wedding and, no matter what, stick with it.

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