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Wedding Sign

Communication in very important always! No matter if we are talking about having a good relationship with the partner, be a good boss or plan a lovely event! is very important to direct your guests during your wedding and let them know what your desires are

. For example: do you have assign seats for your ceremony or they can seat where they want? Is it ok for them to take pictures, videos during the ceremony or you would like an un-plug , cell free ceremony?

Also, signs can create a great picture occasion.

Think about kids to your wedding walking down the aisle just before you caring a message to your almost husband......

Or you can also think to still a smile to your guests with a funny message .

No matter if your wedding will be a formal big affair or a simple and casual celebration, make sure you have few signage there for your guests to make them feel welcome and to direct them though the day. You can make your own or you can go on-line to find the right one for your style .

Make sure to visit our website here for inspirations and more wedding signage.

Share with us your though.

Love in Planning

Veronica P.

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