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Why Private Estates are the best options for Exclusive Elegant Weddings

Just the other day a client asked me why we decided to specialize in private estate weddings, after all there is an ocean of possibility between, banquet halls, posh, elegant hotels,and community centers.

The fact is that I really believe in celebrating the couple unique style, traditions and love. I really believe that on their wedding day the couple and their family deserve to be pampered and at the center of the attention.

I did do beautiful weddings in 4 star hotels were there were 2 or more weddings going on on the same time and were guests have to be directed with signs and arrows in order to attend the "right" celebration.

They were elegant and pricey and most of the time my clients had to choose between menu A B C with very little flexibility or customization.. You had to work with their vendors and if you try to bring in your own wine , cake, decor they will charge you an extra fee.

Yes, places like country clubs or banquet halls make it very easy . Catering is in place, tables and chairs too, linens are provided so less thing to think about....I do agree, it is easier, especially for a wedding planner but.....It depends what a couple is looking for for their special day.

For some it will be perfectly ok to have an intimate celebration, have an officiant to sign their marriage licence and have a fast food deliver to their location .And if is this that makes you happy it is exactly

what you should do.

However , for the couple that want a memorable en exclusive experience, that want their wedding celebration to tell their story in a very unique way in a beautiful scenario were everybody, from the server, to the musician are there to cater to their unique requirement , the private estate is the perfect backdrop.

At Los Angeles Exclusive Weddings we decided to hand pick very different properties.: wineries, Malibu, villas overlooking the ocean, historic properties, Hollywood estates, pristine farms, luxury mansions etc....

in order to offer a variety of locations that can appeal to different taste and styles .

We have top chef ready to design personalized menu based on the client 's background and the kind of venue they will choose. Our agency operate as match makers between selected partners and the client because we undertand the the client love the practicality to have a package in place and the need and desire to stay away from a cookie cutter kind of event.

So if you are looking to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life in style, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to study a personalized package for you. Getting married in an exclusive way was never so easy and fun. Contact us today.

Do you have your own private estate and you want to sbmit it to Los Angeles Exclusive Weddings and have amazing events on your property. ? Submit your property here and we will contact you!

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