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Do I really need a wedding planner?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

So, maybe you just got engaged ( if this is the case Congrats!), or you were part of a bridal party last week or your best friend is about to get married and.... here is the question : do people really need a wedding planner?

Well , we can stay here and discuss the subject till the end of time or ... I decided to make it more fun!!!

Here is a quick test for you:

1)A Bride spend an average of 300 h online on social media searching inspirations, venues and vendors. Do you have that kind of time ?

2) You can multitask and it will be no problem for you to manage work, finances, time with your family and fiance' while interviewing vendors, read, understand and sign contracts, keep track of dead lines. etc.

3)Under pressure is when you function the best.

4)In your family and fiance' s family there are never tensions and everybody can go along very well .

You are confident that everybody can memorize, follow, and respect your wishes for your wedding day with no glitches.

5)You are perfectly aware that planning your wedding is much more that deciding on centerpieces and linens and you are ready to give up all your free time to search the industry to make sure that the vendors that you will book are in fact the professionals that they say they are.

6) You can build a comprehensive timeline and you are sure you will be able to direct your vendors to set up as per your request while getting ready for your big day.

7) You are confident that you will be able to stay organized, ask all your vendors for the liability insurance and pass it to the venue, request the permits necessary for your celebration and keep it with you during

your wedding day in case of a verification from the authorities.

8)Can you affirm, with not doubt,that the day of your wedding you will not need a comforting, soft, calm, professional and objective voice to tell you that everything is been handle up to the minimum detail?

9) Can you relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful day of your life because absolutely everything, (from little Tim that suppose to be the ring bearer and likes to hide before his big entrance, to uncle Tom that tend to drink a bit too much ..., from your mom that cry no- stop as soon as she see you with your bouquet, to make sure auntie Mary that has major food restriction is served a gluten free menu) is under control?

10) Will your wedding day run smooth and be the stress free celebration you deserve without a pro that can take care of you , your friends and family?

So if you can honestly answer yes to all this , well congrats! You can plan your own wedding without a planner. But if you have even one small doubt when answering this 10 simple questions.... Please give us a call and let's talk about which kind of assistance you need.

_Do you have questions?

-Do you want to share your experience? I will love to hear from you.

Love in Planning Veronica

CEO Los Angeles Exclusive Weddings

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