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Wedding Registry? This is what we did

I got married September 16,2000 in Venice, Italy. My wedding was kind of crazy!

My family and I from Venice; my husband and his family from Rome....

.At the time me and my now husband were living in the Caribbean and we invited family and friends from all over. From San Diego California, to Seattle Washington ,from Philadelphia to the French West Indies and few others places.... my guest list was just insane.

I have to admit it was not easy but we pulled off quite well!

One of the many decision we had to take was deciding on a wedding registry.

Actually my first though was: No gifts!

Both, my husband and I wanted a wedding when finally we could have all our friends and family on the same room at the same time celebrating with us. That was our goal and considered that the best gift ever!After all my fiancee (at the time) and I lived together for 4 years already and we had all the house stuff you could ask for.

Well ....let me tell you: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Especially in an Italian household. Family and friends , will not listen! Either way they might think you are too modest to ask or they might just want to give you something special to remember them and/or your special day. So after a very long phone conversation with my aunt , trying to convince her that NO, I did not want or need a new laundry machine, that the shipment cost to the Caribbean will be twice the cost of the laundry machine itself and logistically a royal pain in the neck, I Knew we had to come up with a plan .

Unfortunately at that time Amazon did not offered Registry....

What did we do? We were honest! We really wanted to celebrate with our family. We want to have this amazing day with them so if they wanted to give some sort of gift they could help to "build" our wedding day and amazing memories.

The result? One Uncle is a pastry chef and designed and gifted us with the most delicious cake I had ever had in my life. My grandma paid for my bridal gown. Another uncle, which is a gondolier, paid for one of the most beautiful gondola to bring me to church and later me and my husband from church to the reception site. Family members paid for my photo album, video, guests transportation and so on.

We never asked for money. We, in fact, worked and saved and had all our ducks in a row before announcing our wedding. We never designated roles either. It was fantastic to see family and friends stepping up and offering their help in one way or another.....

I have to make it clear that, yes! I am a wedding planner, I am used to stress full situations and my role is to plan any small detail........ it was not easy to LET GO for once and concentrate on the general outcome. and the feeling of collaboration with my guests. It was quite unusual ,different kind of stress and very beautiful and meaningful.

What about you? Where will you register ? Share your thoughts with us.


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