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Why you need a Wedding Planner

Events are getting more and more elaborated and weddings are not only time consuming big affairs to plan but , most of the time....emotional hell.

If you are still thinking IF it will be wise to hire a planner to help you out with the planning of your BIG DAY here are some points you might want to consider.

Professional- planning a wedding it is a full time job. If then you have your heart set on bringing your long dream vision to life, you will need somebody that knows the how to. From searching the right vendors, taking care of the details, came up with a timeline that will allow you and your guests to enjoy all the activities you decide to include in your event, a planner will save you a ton of legwork and will give you the peace of mind that she will handle any situation for you.

Expert ally- a good event planner knows about the last trends and once she knows your style, personality and the story that you want to tell your guests, she will be like your fairy godmother. The event planner takes big pride in surpassing your expectation and you will feel confident , relaxed and you will actually have to enjoy your party without having to babysit your vendors or be asked a million of questions at any minute.

Referee Please- a planner is educate to handle a multitude of situations and to act quickly and graciously. Her ultimate goal is to make sure your day is perfect and she will go above and beyond to accomplish just that. I assume you will still want to have a relationship with your mother or mother in law long after your event is over....Best way to accomplish that? Yes, you guess it right! Have a good planner at your side!

Money talk -most people think that hiring a planner will add incredibly to their event costs. Think again. Can you afford to NOT have a planner? Good planners build outstanding relationships with professionals on the industry in all categories. They know what to ask for and how to read contracts. They know how to negotiate on their client’s best interest. You will get the best prices from the finest and most reliable vendors while actually enjoying your event.

Enjoy your wedding day and let Los Angeles Exclusive Weddings help you to craft a Celebration of a Lifetime for you and your guests.

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To ask our 2017 brochure with a list of services and prices because your

Wedding day should be fabulous and absolutely stress free!

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